1982 Mustang GT Production Numbers


1982 Mustang GT Hatchbacks
25,739 Total

(NOTE: Total paint color numbers and interior combos not readily available for 1982 GT's (due to 1982 Mustangs having the same body code as other 1982 Mustang models)).


Important!! - True and accurate production numbers are very difficult to come by (especially directly from Ford) - we have been trying to gather these numbers for years.  It is common to see various sources quote different production numbers for any given year, bodystyle or model. Because of this, the production numbers shown here should be considered unofficial numbers and may vary from other numbers you see. The numbers shown in the production numbers section were obtained from many various, reputable sources, but none were obtained by us directly from Ford Motor Company. Our sources include the 1979-1993 V8 Mustang Specifications Guide, the 1983 Mustang GT Convertible Registry, the 1984 GT350 20th Anniversary Registry, Mustang Club of America, Third Generation Mustang News and Beyond, Marti Auto Works, etc.  Marti Auto Works is now the only officially licensed owner of Ford production numbers directly from Ford. The information from Marti is only available on a purchase basis - which we encourage you to do if you are interested in statistics for your car.

Please send us any additions or corrections you may have to these numbers. If you see any numbers published in magazines and/or books that we don't show here or that differ from our numbers, please let us know! Include the book or magazine the information is from so we can give credit for the info.